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                                                                                  Tiny Tigers  ( 5 - 8 Year olds class )

Tiny Tigers are required to fulfill a mimimum of 30  or more continous class attendances at each grading cycle of 4 months in order to qualify to take grading examination, and must have passed at least 2 out of the 3 tape tests that are taken each month. This will enable them to attempt the Mock Grading exam for their next belt after which they must pass at least 60% marks to be considered to take the practical Grading Examination. If any of the above conditions are not met, they have to repeat this process again over the next grading cycle and so on, until they are ready to take the grading examination, passing this will enable them to change their belt.  Most of the time they pass the stripe belts due to their  young age and  limited understanding to perform/achieve the techniques as shown, but as they grow older their understanding increases so they have more chances of achieving the full colour Belt passes in their gradings. The tape test each month costs £2 to register and attempt, and this allows us to thoroughly check their techniques and point out their mistakes to work on for the following months test. the grading examination is £20 for each grading and these need to be prepaid.

                                                                   8 years upwards Junior & Adult Class

The grading requirements for the Junior class and Adults upto Purple and White Belt ( 4th Kyu )  is more or less the same as above. The only difference is due to their mature age and understanding, they have more chance of grading to the full colour belts. They must however fulfill a minimum of 24 class training attendances / sessions,at each grading cycle, and also must have passed a minimum of 2 rank/tape tests. This qualifies them to take the Mock Grading exam for the relevant belt of which they should score 60% before being considered for the grading examination.
The rank/tape tests and grading fees are as above. (See our brief explanation video below )


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