Tiny Tigers  ( 4- 8 Year olds class )

Tiny Tigers are required to fulfill a mimimum of 30  or more continous class attendances at each grading cycle of 4 to 5 months in order to qualify to take gradings and must have passed at least 3 of the possible 5 or 6 rank/tape tests that are taken each month. This will enable them to attempt the theory belt for their next belt of which they must pass at least 60% to be considered to take the practical Grading Examination. If none of the above conditions are met . They have to repeat this process again over the next grading cycle and so on, until they are ready to take the grading examination. The rank tape test costs £2 to register and attempt, and the grading examination is £20 for each grading.

                                                                   8 years upwards Junior and Adult Class

The grading requirements for the Juniors and Adults upto Purple and White Belt ( 4th Kyu ) is more or less the same as above only they grade at the end of 3 months due to their mature age and understanding. They must fulfill a minimum of 22 class training sessions and also must have passed a minimum of 2 rank/tape tests. This qualifies them to take the theory exam for the relevant belt online of which they should score 60% before being considered for the grading. The rank/tape tests and grading fees are as above.